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Raised with care, bred from the best.

Queens are the foundation of every apiary. Breeding resilient bees is how we stay sustainable.

We are excessively picky about the hives we raise queens from, because no beekeeping practices can make up for shoddy stock. We breed queens to be winter hardy, varroa resistant, abundant honey producers, to fill our pollen traps, and so gentle you wont need a veil. 

Please take a minute to review these notes about ordering queens.


Availability: We will get back to you as per the availability of queens for the date you requested within 2 business days.

Shipping: Please note that we only ship queens on mondays via priority mail, and are not responsible for any losses due to shipping. 

Common Questions:

What kind of bees are these? 
Our queens are bred primarily off of carniolan and buckfast stock, but we always like to add new genetics to the mix and are always testing out bees from other canadian breeders to find traits we like.

Will they be marked?

Yes! All our queens are always marked.

What type of cages do you use?

We ship bees in JZBZ cages and JZBZ boxes. 

Queen Order Form

Thanks for submitting! We will reach out to confirm your order shortly.

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