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A brief history of Golden Cariboo

The first hive that began our family on the path of beekeeping was in an attic, in England, discovered by a hapless carpenter sometime between the 1930's and 1940's. John Chandler was that carpenter, and he decided in that moment maybe he'd like to keep that bee hive. Under the tutelate of Brother Adam from Buckfast Abby, who was down the road, John learned to keep bees. Years later, after the war and half way around the world, John and his wife Peggy purchased the Old Mill Apiary in Ashcroft. And with those bees started Golden Cariboo Honey in Lillooet in 1952. Their oldest son, Trevor, went on to study beekeeping at Guelph, and worked developing beekeeping in Tanzania. After John and Peggy retired from beekeeping, the apiary was taken over by Robert Meredith, their nephew. He visited for a summer to work with the bees and spent the next 50 years doing just that. In 2019 Robert Meredith started teaching Mischa Chandler, John and peggys great grandson, how to keep bees. In 2023 Mischa took over from Robert, and is probably in the bee yard right now. 

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