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Nucleus Colonies

Nucleus Colonies have been shown to be the strongest way to start a new colony in the spring. Because they have a laying queen with emerging brood, they are ideally suited for taking the most advantage of spring and growing large enough to make a reliable honey crop. We take pride in providing nucs that out perform packages and have customers returning year after year. 


Healthy Hives

Any experienced beekeeper knows that a nucleus colony battling nosema, EFB, chalkbrood or varroa is worthless. We wont let any hives leave our apiary unless we know they are in tip top health. Which is why we never sell any colonies without a clean bill of health from a Apiary Inspector.

Lots and Lots of Bees

Size truly matters. We want your nucs to be so large they are a swarm risk within the week. This means that you will get a minimum of 3 frames of brood in a 5 frame nuc. And every frame will be covered with bees to the bottom.

Quality Queens

When making up nucs we make them up small, introduce a queen, and monitor that queen for 3-4 weeks. This gives us ample time to asses the quality of that queen, how well mated she is, and if she will perform well that season. Any signs of spotty brood and that nuc is getting requeened and will stay with us for the season. 

Reliable Orders

Often we hear stories that of beekeepers left high and dry because a nuc producer didn't have any bees to sell. We don't count our eggs before they hatch. We intentionally under commit to sales to ensure we can follow through with our orders.

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Orders open for spring of 2024
email us to order

Thanks for submitting an order! We will get back to you as soon as we can to finalize the details of your order. If you have any further questions about our nucs, please dont hesitate to reach our directly at 778 870 7154 or



Pricing: 350$ for orders under 50 Units, please contact us directly for commercial rates.

Deposit: We require a $50 deposit per nuc to secure your order. There is a refundable $30 deposit for the pro-nuc box.

Dates: Nucs are ready as early as May 15th, and may vary depending on weather.

Shipping: We do not ship nucs, you must pick up your order.

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